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a celebration of craftsmanship on whimsical whites
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Certain aspects of life 
elude verbal expression, 
prompting the use of denotations 
to convey their essence.

Among these mysteries lies the enigma of white—a shade that defies 
description in a mere sentence, demanding appreciation.

Likewise, when we venture into the realm of hand needlework 

executed in white on white, we are transported to a realm of unparalleled intricacy. 

Picture the ethereal beauty of lattice labyrinths, 
meticulously embroidered on enchanting and breezy silk.

Mask group.png
every stitch narrates a
tale of dedication, skill,
and attention to detail,

forming a collection that emanates an indescribable allure.
Absolutely indescribable allure –
badal - sa - safed
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